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MARC GLICKMAN - HFM Community - Instrument Repairs

Every so often, someone donates an instrument to Hungry For Music that is so well-maintained a musician can pull it from the box, walk on stage and perform with any group or symphony in the world. But most of the time, some work is required to prepare the instrument for the young person about to receive it.

And that's where Marc Glickman comes in. He is well-known throughout the Washington, D.C., area for high-quality string instrument repair and restoration. He repairs instruments for Hungry For Music, installs new strings when necessary and takes other steps, such as adjusting the bridges, to make sure these instruments are ready to play. He's even donated some violins to HFM. Marc does it all from his workshop in Frederick, Md., but he also offers his services through House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, Md. If you need his services, you can reach him at (301) 695-4390 or by email at marcopno@verizon.net. He has been a great friend to us, and we recommend him wholeheartedly!


To celebrate Larry Eschler's 10 year anniversary as Cantor, Temple Beth Ami Congregation in Rockville, MD collected over two dozen instruments to us, including several violins which enabled us to get over $2,000 in credit for future violins at Potter's Violins in Bethesda, MD to donate to a deserving child. While this already was a great story, the congregation's generosity led to making one girl's dream of owning a banjo come true. After Hungry for Music's application deadline, a Mom in Kentucky requested an instrument for her daughter with mitochondrial disease who found inspiration through music. Here is an excerpt from her touching letter to us:

She is a very shy, reserved, and anxious child. It's not often that she will speak to or look at a stranger, or even people she's met a few times. However, music tends to capture her in a way nothing else can. I once met with an old friend from high school, whom Emily had never met. We went to her childhood home, where her parents still live. They were a very musical family. Emily was her usual self, not speaking or interacting. However, at one point my friend's dad began playing his new guitar, and Emily simply got up, walked out of the room and sat down in front of this man she'd never met, mesmerized. It was amazing and I'd love to give her the opportunity to lose herself like that on her own, especially when her life isn't always easy. I have found a few local places that I'm working with right now to see if I can work out getting her lessons, but I can't really commit to anything without an instrument."

In the variety of collected instruments we noticed a banjo case. When we looked inside, there was a banjo that was in perfect condition. It had hardly been played. We knew immediately where it was going. Her daughter is enrolled in a program called "Passing the Pick and Bow" and well on her musical journey way with a banjo to call her own, which she opened just in time for Christmas. We are so happy to be part in helping her nurture her new found talent.

Commonwealth Roofing & Siding

HFM Community - Vehicle Donation

Helping others is nothing new for Mike and Genny Fontaine, co-owners of Commonwealth Roofing in Chantilly, VA Mike, who grew up in Annandale, VA, and graduated from Falls Church High School, had worked in the trades his entire adult life. Finally, one employer asked him if he would like to sell roofing instead of install it. He said yes, had some success, joined another company and took over when that company spun off its residential roofing business to him. Today, Commonwealth Roofing keeps homes dry, safe and valuable all over Northern Virginia.

They do this by treating their customers as friends. And the friends of the Fontaine's always have enjoyed benefits.

Hungry for Music appreciate the Fontaine's support. Over the last several years, the Fontaine's have donated a vehicle for us to pick up instrument donations, their time at numerous benefits, warehouse space for instrument storage, and much more. They also give their customers a discount on their roofing job if they donate an instrument. We are very grateful for their community-minded hearts.

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